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Christ's Mission, Our Mission
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Mission Prayer
Ron Harmon
God, where will your spirit lead me today?
Help me be fully awake and ready to respond.
Grant me courage to risk something new
and become a blessing of your love and peace.

​                                 Need help?
Call 2-1-1

A free and confidential service of United Way, 24/7. Speak with
a highly trained service professional. Find resources for housing, food, health, utilities, jobs, domestic crisis, emergencies, help
for veterans and more. All languages. Call from anywhere in
North America. The call is free, and the service is free.​​  

A New Generation Discusses the Holocaust

Join a conversation with Francie Wolff and Ken Elkins, April 4, 7 p.m., at Plaster Student Union, Ballroom East, Missouri State University. More information at EkklesiaMSU.org, or call 865-8711.

Organization Informs and Educates on Issues of Gun Violence 
Moms Demand Action is a non-partisan, grass-roots, volunteer organization. Learn more at momsdemandaction.org, or contact Dave Hockensmith, Faith Lead, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Southwest Missouri.

Opportunities for Volunteers in Your Zip Code 
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Lent 2018

Lent is a period of fasting, moderation, and self-denial 
traditionally observed by Christians. In 2018, it begins with Ash Wednesday, February 24, and ends with Easter, April 1. The length of the Lenten fast was established in the 4th century as
forty-six days (forty days, not
counting  Sundays).

During Lent, particicipants eat
sparingly or give up a particu-
lar food or habit. It’s not un-
common for people to give up
smoking or watching television
during Lent, or eating candy or
telling lies. It’s six weeks of self-

Worship Themes and Scriptures
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​​ March 25 - Hosanna! Palm Sunday.
Mark 11:1–11. Jesus’ growing popularity
was seen as a threat among the religious
figures of his day. Jesus staged his entry
as a demonstration of humility and
servanthood, not royal privilege and
military might. Image: Icon of Jesus'
triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Artist
and date unknown. Creative Commons. Wikimedia.org.

April 1 - Alleluia! Jesus Lives! Easter,
Resurrection of the Lord. Mark 16:1–8.
The resurrected Christ is in our com-
munities waiting for us to meet him
there. We are called to help write the
next chapters of the Easter story. Photo:
Women are surprised when they arrive
at the tomb and it is empty. www.freebibleimages.org 

April 8 - Peace Be with You. Second Sunday
of Easter. John 20:19–31Through the contin-
uing presence of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ
comes to us in every life circumstance. Rather
than the absence of uncertainty, faith is a
journey of doubt and trust that transforms
belief into kingdom-building action. Image:
Jesus Appears to Thomas, by Jacek Andrzej
Rossakiewicz. Public domain.

April 15 - You Are Witnesses. Third
Sunday of Easter. Luke 24:36b–48. 
When we can set aside our fears, we
can hear and receive scripture in ways
that bring new understanding. We are
called to be the messengers of repent-
ance, forgiveness, and resurrection.
Image: Jesus appears to his disciples.
Artist unknown.

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